The Success Talk Show EP03 with Mr. Imtiyaz Husain Films Dialogue Writer

Welcome today we have with us Mr Imtiaz Hussain the one of the greatest film for which sir has contributed as a writer for the dialogues of the film Parinda indefinitely many more in his career. I am happy to share with you all this episode off the success talk show for creative writing , because whenever we feel something and the expressions of our feeling is important for creating a mesmerizing piece of art and writing is one of the important creative waise of expressing your thoughts your ideas and the feelings maybe the writers will write a book a story story board for a script for a film for the dialogues for the characters but they are all adding value in in the society may be in the form of entertainment or maybe in the form of education the writing community for the writers community is heading immense value for improving our intelligence as well as emotional strength sometimes we don't know how we would have reacted to that particular condition unless and until it happens with us and for that purpose the writers play very important role they take out creativity and showcase as a piece of complete art so thank you for watching and reading this article about the success thank you.